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Seaport Medspa Shines as Boston Celtics' "Small Business of The Game"

In a thrilling matchup against the New York Knicks on Monday, November 13, 2023, the Boston Celtics showcased not only their on-court prowess, winning the game by 16 points, but also their commitment to supporting local businesses. Seaport Medspa, a next generation medical aesthetic practice founded by nurse practitioners Marielle Benayun and Elizabeth O'Neil, was honored as the "Small Business of The Game" in a partnership powered by VistaPrint.

The collaboration between the Boston Celtics and VistaPrint is part of a larger initiative to highlight and celebrate the achievements of small businesses in the community. Seaport Medspa, known for its dedication to personalized aesthetic treatments, emerged as the choice for this prestigious recognition. Seaport Medspa's selection for this honor was based on various factors, including its positive impact on the community, commitment to excellence, and innovative approaches to medical aesthetics.

The Boston Celtics, a team deeply ingrained in the fabric of the community, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to supporting small businesses. The "Small Business of The Game" initiative is a testament to the team's understanding of the vital role these enterprises play in fostering a thriving local economy.

As Marielle and Elizabeth stood on the court, they not only received the award but also engaged in a memorable jersey swap with Lucky, the beloved Celtics mascot. This symbolic gesture further emphasized the unity between the team and local businesses, underscoring the importance of collaboration in building a strong community.

VistaPrint, a company known for its support of small businesses through customizable marketing materials, played a pivotal role in powering this initiative. By joining forces with the Boston Celtics, VistaPrint aims to amplify the reach of local businesses and foster a sense of unity within the community.

In celebrating Seaport Medspa as the "Small Business of The Game," the Boston Celtics and VistaPrint have reinforced the idea that, just like a winning team, a thriving community is built on the strength and resilience of its small businesses. As the spotlight dims on this memorable night, Seaport Medspa will continue to be grateful for this amazing opportunity.


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